Creative Director - 2016

We are delighted that Florence will be leading us again in 2016 with a new production and some new workshop offerings.

Florence featured in the Noosa News


Florence is a gifted and accomplished Creative Artist and takes great pleasure in

sharing her wealth of knowledge with our troupe.




Creative Director - 2016

Welcome back Florence!!

We are delighted to have Florence Teillet back at the helm of the Sunshine Troupe Inc as new and exciting directions are coming our way.  The Troupe have been awarded a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund as we move towards the creation of a new project - SCCITR - Sunshine Coast Community Inclusive Theatre Restaurant.  Workshops have begun and performance dates are being established.  Stay tuned !


Creative Directors - 2013

Veronica Wain and Marie Hayward 


Creative Directors - 2012 

Liz and Jacob Horsey


More about Florence Teillet............

Florence's work has been featured in the Noosa News.

Visit her website to view her projects.