The SCCITR Project

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SCCITR is an inclusive performing arts initiative bringing together artists from all communities to participate at every level, including performance artists, technicians, wait staff, chefs, stage hands and marketing and administration personnel. There will be ample opportunity for people with a disability who have an interest in comic acting, dance, music, hospitality, stage management and the arts (mask making, prop creation, electronic arts, emcee duties, etc.) to be mentored in the field of their choice.

The initiative is a cooperative driven by a group of disability services and performing artists who have come together to develop an Inclusive Pop Up Theatre Restaurant. The entertainment at each event will include a series of fast paced comedic skits, stand-up comedy and musical theatre pieces. Roller skating, tap dancing around tables, fast-paced, short duration percussion performances and outrageous wait staff may all feature as part of the action. There will be a nod to the place of different cultures in the performances. Events that might seem disastrous (broken plates, dropped cutlery, incorrect meals) turn out to be part of the playful action. Patrons will be engaged, lightly teased and generally "up-close" and personal with the skits and performers. Bookings and payment will be effected in advance.

Funding is being sought to assist in the start-up phase of the project. Initially we will be holding one event but are aiming to have several events each year in the future. Support is being sought from performers, playwrights, dance and music tutors. Partnerships are also being developed with local training organisations and higher learning institutes. It's anticipated that the project will develop into a self-sustaining entity (Social Enterprise) with a range of training and job opportunities where people with disability work alongside mainstream professionals in a successful Sunshine Coast based business. Linkages are being made with other established performing arts groups on the Sunshine Coast to form partnerships.

Here is an unedited clip from our inaugural performance - The Death Factor. An event hosted in conjunction with the USC Inklings at the Innovation Centre



 If you or a group you are involved with would like to investigate being involved or forming a partnership, please contact us on 0433 433 204 and leave a message for Veronica